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Schools out but no rest for the industry

Schools out and as we face an unusual summer, many businesses are in the waiting game for slow and steady drip of budgets to be released. With end users looking for innovative ideas to surprise and delight customers, distributors are working hard to bring ideas to the table, working with suppliers to stimulate new orders and opportunities where promotional merchandise continues to provide the perfect solution. With many suppliers and distributors still in the process of bringing teams back into offices and off furlough, every ounce of energy is tuned to changes in pace and need, ready to capture every order on the horizon.

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Scam Alert

The BPMA would like to warn the industry of a potential scam.

This scam or series of scams are underway pretending to be universities and we are aware of examples including Nottingham University, King’s College London and East Anglia University but do be on your guard with other universities.

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