Scam Alert

The BPMA would like to warn the industry of a potential scam.

This scam or series of scams are underway pretending to be universities and we are aware of examples including Nottingham University, King’s College London and East Anglia University but do be on your guard with other universities.

The emails are said to come from procurement officers within those universities. These scams often use the names of actual members of staff within the universities who are unaware that a clone identity has been created. The BPMA are advising members to legitimise such enquiries by visiting the university website to check the domain/email address format to see if it matches, for example, Nottingham University emails are and the scammer has used –

One scam requested quotes for ‘16GB UK Twister USB drives for a quantity of 5,000 or 6,000 pieces.’

Another requested ‘Pantone Matched Twister USB Flashdrive. 16GB Product QTY 2000 and Engraved LCD Smart Watch, Bluetooth Watch With Touch Screen QTY 400.’

Members should also check paperwork for any discrepancies, such as two fonts being used on a purchase order. Also, check the name and billing address, and the supplier set up form which may make references to other universities.

Be vigilant and extra cautious with RFQs and invitations to quote from universities as the criminals may use fraudulent domain names, requesting bank details and other commercially sensitive information.

If in doubt we then advise members to contact the university using the contact details on the university website to speak to the person placing the order for verification.

Please contact the BPMA if you become aware of any more scams by emailing

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