BSI introduce Kitemark for face coverings

As face coverings become increasingly mandated, BSI have produced a new Kitemark to help manufacturers independently validate the performance of their products.

The new BSI Kitemark certification for face coverings has been created as an independent voluntary certification programme, BSI Kitemark certification offers consumers a way to identify the products they can trust. It gives manufacturers a way to stand out and independently validate that their products meet a minimum requirement in terms of a basic level of protection against the transmission of infected droplets and the manufacture, design and performance of the covering.

Based on the recognized AFNOR specification, only face coverings that have met the necessary requirements are awarded BSI Kitemark certification and can display the BSI Mark of Trust. And to ensure a robust and trustworthy certification programme, products require ongoing testing to ensure that face coverings continue to meet the necessary requirements.

It is recognised that face coverings are not a regulated product and they don’t fall under the PPE Regulation or the Medical Devices Regulation, BSI have developed this certification programme to offer independent approval that the face coverings meet a basic level of protection.

If you manufacture face coverings and you’d like to learn more about Kitemark certification, please contact BSI directly.

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