Safety first – Travel Plug adaptors

The BPMA wants to make its members aware of the different standards relating to travel adaptors and to ensure the whole supply chain is managing each other’s expectations as well as those of the end-users.

Transparency within supply is paramount for electricals, in particular, travel adaptors, to ensure the products supplied meet the latest standards and the expectations of clients. Up until recently travel adaptors have not had specific standards but with the introduction of BS8546 that has all changed.

There is a European standard as well as the British standard (BS8546: 2016). As we are still within Europe, many people will produce to the European standard as it’s easier and cheaper, but still legal.

As a British standard, it is voluntary, however as the European standard previously used was non-specific and not really applicable, under General Product Safety enforcement in the UK, companies are expecting compliance to the British standard and have been recalling products that don’t comply… and there have been recalls.

The Charge Worx International travel adaptor was recalled last year due to a risk of fire or electric shock if the product was misused. It also does not show the correct markings of meet required specifications. The adaptor had been sold in GAME stores and online. Assumptions will cause problems so knowledge and transparency is key, and it’s important that you understand the risk, even if EU compliant.

Be sure to ask questions of your suppliers advises Malcolm Fritschy of Oldeani, and don’t be afraid to ask to see evidence of compliance. “We’ve invested considerable time and effort into launching the new Explorer USB travel plug to ensure it applies with the latest British Standard the BS8546,” he says.

All manufacturers supplying to the new standards have strict manufacturing requirements which they must meet. “By purchasing only products that comply to BS8546 you can be confident that you are in turn supplying a fully tested travel adaptor with increased safety for your clients,” Fritschy adds.

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