Feeling Good

Look & Feel was the motto of HAPTICA live ‘19 in Bonn, Germany. There was plenty to look at and feel for the 1,840 visitors (up slightly on the 1,803 last year) of the seventh edition of the show. The 198 exhibitors (193 in 2018) presented novelties, bestsellers and highlights of their product portfolios.

Brand-name companies, famous specialists, global players with full ranges, niche suppliers and trendy start-ups were in attendance. Products ranged from the classic, such as textiles, writing instruments, drink ware, electronic gadgets, cuddly toys or sweets, as well as totally new ideas. These included edible coffee mugs, of winning over stem cell samples in the fight against leukaemia. The 44 award winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2019 were presented in an open format for the first time, which enabled the visitors to actually try them out and experience their haptic qualities.

The feel-good atmosphere was enhanced by small comforts such as a coffee bike and the Haptica ice lounge, the possibility to take the leading role in a flipbook, and many prize draws by exhibitors. Overall, the quality of the visitors seems to have improved further.

The event has evidently succeeded in giving the visitors from the marketing and procurement departments, agencies and the promotional products trade the feeling for the power of haptic advertising. The Haptica event allows promotional products users to register directly for the event, without needing to be invited by a distributor. Around two thirds of the visitors are end users, the remaining third are distributors. The quota of first-time visitors was 55%. The next edition of the Haptica live is scheduled to take place on March 18, 2020 once again at the WCCB.

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