Flying High in Bonn

James Clephan and Dave House, inventors of the BalloonGrip, collected B-Loony’s Promotional Gift Award at Haptica Live.

It was the only UK company to receive an award. James Clephan said: “We feel very honoured to receive this prestigious award for the paperboard BalloonGrip which will help to save literally thousands of tons of single use plastic balloon sticks from landfill. Now rubber balloons, which are plastic free, can be enjoyed without any damage to the environment.”

Answering the urgent need for an alternative to single use plastic balloon sticks (soon to be banned by the EU), the BalloonGrip is made from sustainable and recyclable raw materials. The balloon holder is made from engineered paperboard, designed to securely hold an inflated natural rubber balloon. Easily assembled for high volume balloon giveaways and suitable for both children and adults, the BalloonGrip comes in either white, natural wood effect or three colourful party designs.

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