A Sweeter Outcome

The push for sustainable packaging has been total market led –overthe past year we have frequently been asked for a sustainable packaging option. ‘Eco’packaging is not easy to find, and the choices are limited. We are currently working with two types of ‘Eco’packaging: individual pots and flexible film. The Eco pots have been used in the catering industry for some time and we identified them as being a great solution for filling with sweets and branding with a paper label. We launched the Eco pots in the summer and our demand outstripped the UK supply very quickly. We are now buying directly from the factory. They are described as 100% plastic free and they are made from plant fibre.

They are recyclable and industrial compostable meaning they require oxygen, heat and organic substrate to biodegrade to biomass and carbon dioxide. They are not home compostable. Importantly they are classed as are the renewable source. This means they are made from a substance of economic value that can bere placed or replenished in the same or less time as it takes to draw the supply down. The terminology and labelling that is used can be very confusing. The impact of plastic packaging and the environment is a big subject and to understand it fully we would need to run industry workshops for us all to gain a better understanding. Having made a positive step towards offering the plastic-free options we have been overwhelmed by the success of these options.

We will continue to look for environmentally friendly options and have now introduced a plastic-free bubble wrap. As a company, we are committed where possible to switch to environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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