QS Stone: 60% less plastic, more minerals

Making more from less: The Swiss brand Prodir is now offering its QS01, QS20 and QS30 models in a new variation called “Stone”. In this version, the casings are produced with a mineral-enriched material that reduces the amount of plastic by 60%.

The minerals also make the writing instruments noticeably heavier in the hand. The high quality look and feel is further emphasized through standard options such as elegant metal clips and select varnished casing colours like metallic Graphite, Silver, Copper, Gold as well as Carbon, Red quartzite, Cobalt and White dolomite. The colour-contrasted clip holder for the metal clip provides subtle individual colour accents. For the push button you can choose between elegant metal or plastic.

As with real stones, the new QS Stone models are extremely robust. Designed down to the smallest detail for a long writing life, they accompany their users over many years. Empty refills can easily be replaced. And for those who want to do even more for the environment, the pens can be equipped with the lead-free and environmentally friendly Floating Ball® Lead Free refills, a Prodir exclusive. And the timeless design also plays an important role in ensuring that sustainability and quality are a strong common denominator.





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