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Don’t let a lack of personal development hold back your staff and your business. The BPMAMA education programme provides the perfect training platform for merchandise businesses, says Daniela Arena

Almost everyone who runs a company knows that people are the most important asset to a business. Properly run organisations place a great deal of emphasis on recruiting and the interview process in order to build their talent base. Unfortunately, often the investment in people stops there and with time the business is left with a dissatisfied underperforming team.

Quite often exit interviews highlight that after economics, primary reasons why people leave are because of the lack of guidance, career development and feedback they receive from managers. Many leave because they aren’t learning anything and aren’t stimulated – companies just aren’t investing in their employees.

Positive reinforcement

And of course, we all know that staff talk, so if one member of the team feels this way many will know about it and many will feel the same way too. Do you want to run a team who feels this way? A training and development programme can address this head on. Investing in training creates a supportive workplace and a team who feels valued; in this environment they feel motivated and ready for a challenge. Do you want to work with a team who feels this way? Recruiting replacement staff is expensive and time consuming and disruptive to the team dynamics. It is much better to train and retain your best people in the first place.

Personal growth

Raising industry standards and best practice through education and training remains at the heart of the BPMA. It seeks to encourage industry learning and professional development to enhance skills of all individuals working in the industry. As the industry trade association, we always encourage our members to continually develop themselves and their employees. The biggest inhibitor to training staff is the perception that it will take too much time. We understand that training staff can be time consuming for managers and that a training course might delay the completion of a project important to the business.

Tailored learning

The BPMA education programme offers members nothing but an outstanding value for money, industry specific training platform. It has been set up to allow managers to save time and to allow flexibility of study where staff can study at the office and study at home too, without jeopardising the quality of the learning. With more than 70 pieces of content available over a range of subject categories including industry fundamentals, product, decoration, product compliance, customer service, sales, marketing, finance, sales management, business management, HR & legal, ethics, purchasing and procurement, and web software and data, there really is content for everyone.


Help the BPMA to make the next education programme the most informative ever by providing content that keeps the industry bang up to date. Suppliers get involved! The BPMA is your trade association. One of the key strands of our raison d’être is education.

As you are no doubt aware, we have in place a robust, well used and innovative education programme that has been written for the industry by the industry. The BPMA executive team will be working on new content in 2019. We welcome input from members with specific areas of knowledge and expertise who would like to contribute and support the programme. It is vital the content of this programme is continuously checked, validated and updated. Industry expertise

We are now calling for new content and would like experts in their field, whether a supplier or distributor to come forward and contribute to the established industry education programme to help maintain the high standards we have set for the benefit of our members in general and our industry at large. We are particularly interested in content for new on trend product categories, personalisation and new branding applications, sales team training and social media. If you are an expert in these areas or would like to contribute to the only industry training programme by working with the BPMA to write new, relevant inspiring content then we would love to hear from you. Suppliers, if you have video content from your factories or would like us to video your products being branded, then please get in touch too.

To discuss the opportunities further please contact Daniela Arena on daniela@bpma.co.uk

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