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Buyers are backing British made

Just before Easter, the Briman group commissioned a research project to help determine the buying trends of distributors in relation to buying British made products. An impressive 94% of survey participants recognised benefits in buying products made in the UK.

Of great interest was the fact that 45% of these had specifically been asked to source British manufactured products. In spite of the many practical benefits and efficiencies of buying British advocated by Briman members, the most valued benefit amongst the survey contributors proved to be that of supporting the UK economy.

In current uncertain times, the benefits of a healthy home economy on employment rates and linked spending power of British workers and therefore associated demand for promotional products resonates through the supply chain of British manufacturers, distributors, and end-users. Many respondents greatly valued the advantage of the significantly faster lead times achieved through buying British manufactured goods, in enabling them to offer customers the best possible service and greater opportunities for re-ordering the high-quality products with which the British producers are associated. Offering and receiving good service continues to be of paramount importance to distributors. The benefits of strong communication and supply chain accountability, together with greater flexibility within the British industry are also strongly appreciated. It is also clear from the survey results that distributors set great store by the environmental benefits gained from buying British.

All Briman member companies aim to provide eco-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable manufacturing facilities where recycling is high on their agenda. Without the haulage headaches of long-distance imports, UK manufactured products offer lower carbon footprints and ensure supply chains have fewer negative effects on the environment. Considerable cost benefits come alongside the environmental ones as the uncertainties of import delays, fluctuating exchange rates, and potential communication difficulties can be avoided. Given, the strength of support for British made promotional products by distributors, the Briman group has commissioned a further research project to investigate if these values and trends are mirrored by end-users. We look forward to sharing these with you in due course. Mark Alderson is chairman of the Briman Group.

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