Technology – Matt Pluckrose – Noise Canceling Headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones are the latest tech product to cut through, says Matt Pluckrose

Whether your clients are commuting, traveling for holidays or even looking for peace in the office, active/ noise canceling (ANC) headphones are the hot promotional tech product this summer. ANC headphones will suppress outside noise, preventing your music, podcasts, and audiobooks from being ruined by the outside world and enabling you to listen to lower volumes, preserving your hearing and maximising your tranquillity.

The best noise-canceling headphones don’t just passively block sound by providing a physical barrier. They use tech to add an additional level of active noise canceling that’s especially invaluable on planes, trains and city streets – anywhere with constant noise at lower ranges. When it comes to noisy environments, ANC offers a much better overall experience than standard headphones. Retail brands can easily cost hundreds of pounds but lower-cost promotional pairs start at about £30. Simply add a logo to the product or packaging and you have a promotional product that will not be ignored and will be used constantly.

It’s not long ago that noise-canceling headphones were all wired, large, and heavy with big batteries, bulky carry cases and lacked style. Increasingly they are Bluetooth rather than wired and the batteries have shrunk, while battery life has got much longer. Carry cases are still popular which is great for branding rather than branding the product, making them more subtle for the wearer.

There is mixed opinion on the quality of sound especially when it’s very quiet. Some people say they don’t sound as good as standard but they do come into their own where there is background noise. Because of the way they’re engineered, they also generally sound less good with the ANC turned off, which is a battery-saving measure. That said, the most recent candidates are a big improvement over what was around a few years back. This is definitely an area to watch and as a superpremium gift, it really cuts through.

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