Business and legal advice with BPMA membership

BPMA members are reminded that their membership provides a range of business services and resources that are specially designed to support your business.

This includes access to free advice on all four of the key areas below. To speak to a specialist, call 0844 561 8133, quoting the scheme number and BPMA membership number, which can be found in membership packs. HR & Employment Law Advice Already in 2019, many changes have taken place in the world of employment law. Several important changes occurred earlier this year in April, including a rise in minimum wages and pension contributions, payslip laws, and pay. reporting, to name a few. With further new developments and changes to come in the near future, it’s important to know how to adapt to, and comply with, these laws to protect your merchandise business and avoid risk.

Areas your membership can help with:

• Documentation
• Existing and changing legislation
• Managing sickness and absence
• Redundancy
• Dismissal
• Investigations
• Conduct
• Contracts

Health & Safety Assistance

Unfortunately, all too often, safety can slip down the list of priorities for an employer. However, not only is it best practice to adopt a proactive approach rather than a reactive one, but it is guaranteed to save your time, money, and reputation in the event of an incident. There are very simple ways to contribute to your employees’ safety and wellbeing, and small steps you can take to make your premises safer and reduce risk.

Areas your membership can help with:
• Premises management
• Accident reporting
• Wellbeing
• Hazard management
• Environmental legislation
• Fire safety
• Risk assessments
• Policies

Commercial Legal Help

Commercial legal matters commonly arise during the course of running a business. Commercial law can essentially provide the platform to protect businesses when entering into agreements, and offer resolutions when things don’t go as intended. Areas your membership can help with:

• Company law, including director liabilities, duties, and company articles
• Partnerships, LLPs and sole traders
• Commercial contracts
• Insolvency
• Data protection, freedom of information and equality act
• Intellectual property
• The property, including access rights, boundary disputes, and landlord disputes
• Tort law

Tax Guidance

From employment status to payroll compliance, the wide bracket of ‘tax matters’ will affect a majority of businesses. With constant lobbying around IR35 responsibilities and recent, big changes to payslip laws, employers have a growing number of developments to consider and comply with. Areas your membership can help with:

• Fee protection
• Tax and VAT consultancy
• Compliance checks
• Status
• Payroll
• Consultancy

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