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Breaking bad: the no deal scenario and fighting the industry corner

With much of the UK falling into its new tier system to protect ourselves against Covid-19, the news also reported back on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest statement that no deal could be reached with our 27 European counter parts.

Freight challenges

Many members have already reported freight delays and despite bringing these urgent issues to the attention of the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy teams (BEIS) in Government and Institute of Export, the BPMA is faced with the same challenge all UK businesses are namely, freight experience significant delays. In further evidence relayed to Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) on Friday about the impacts creative industries are experiencing as a result of local restrictions and preparedness for Brexit, the BPMA have stressed the exceptionally fine line all businesses across the sector face. The need for recognition and symbiotic role played in the events industry was also highlighted in the strongest terms and our ability to service the work available cannot be crippled by freight issues, compounding the challenges businesses face.

The damning report from Government indicating that many businesses are not ready for Brexit has seen a stream of panicked emails hitting in boxes with stark warnings to ‘act now’. The BPMA’s webinar series is tackling major changes for members plus creating a Transition Guide to take the industry to the right sources of information relevant to our sector, pointing out funding for training and free transition resources where available such as the Northern Ireland.

Government support for Transition: what the industry should look out for

A series of short, informative webinars have been scheduled by Government departments and every business is encouraged to join these sessions to understand more. More details can be found here.

There is also a new Trader Support Service for businesses trading with Northern Ireland as the Northern Ireland Protocol comes into force on January 1st 2021. More details can be found here including training.

Backing British Business

With a lot of red tape to get through, Department of International Trade (DIT) announced the long awaited ‘Export Growth Plan’ to help all British businesses trade, with support and regionally targeted education programmes.

Internationalisation fund 

In addition, DIT The Internationalisation Fund will provide £38m over the next four years to support 7600 SMEs across England to internationalise.  

The fund will be managed by four regional projects: The Northern Powerhouse Internationalisation Fund, Midlands Internationalisation Fund, South Internationalisation Fund and London Internationalisation Fund. 

DIT has created a new Export Academy. The support package will also provide educational support to firms in the north, midlands and south west through a pilot ‘Export Academy’. The Academy will enhance the export capabilities of SMEs in the regions and will be supported by a new legion of 64 international trade advisers (ITAs). 

Other measures launched include an additional 24 ‘Overseas Champions’ across the world promoting trade and investment and a further 100 ‘Export Champions’ across different industries in England. The BPMA are working to secure a slice of the export action to support its members.

Whilst it is evident the Government course is one that will leave many businesses disadvantaged, it is essential the industry takes any Transition training and information made available. With significant grant funding for customs training and more on offer, BPMA CEO Carey Trevill comments, ‘The industry has been through the mill this year already and I encourage every part of the industry to investigate the measures they need to put in place for their business. If you are a BPMA member, attend our webinars and sign up for the Networking Hub where we are posting essential information centrally for ease.’

BPMA Webinars: if you are a BPMA member, register here for the next webinar on Thursday 22nd October at 12:30.

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