The Credit Diagnosis – Mike Collins

If you’ve ever wondered what a credit control company actually does, Mike Collins can explain

Regular readers know that Account Assyst/ Direct Route (AA/DR) is all about using its knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide and educate others. Each of our articles is packed full of helpful hints and tips, to aid every BMPA member in running a successful credit control process, minimising exposure and risk and in doing so, maximising both payments and success. However, through recent conversations with various different BPMA members, a repeated question was asked. “You clearly know loads about the credit industry but what exactly is it that you do?” A valid question we thought.

What gives us the credibility to advise on such matters? The answer is simple. The discussion points we convey are challenges that we come across on a day to day basis when talking with prospective clients to understand and evaluate their needs. The same challenges occur time and time again and because of this, we’ve devised a diagnostic questionnaire to help illustrate to clients how we can find solutions to those challenges. Let us take you down the path of a typical client meeting. Bloggs & Co Limited’s MD Mr. Bloggs, has requested a meeting to discuss how he can use the free BPMA Credit Management Benefits Package to improve credit control, minimise payment delays and maximise cash flow.

Team AA/ DR starts with the diagnostic questionnaire, below. As you can see, simply running through our day to day questionnaires with our clients allows us to understand the pitfalls and frustrations all businesses can suffer when it comes to delays and issues in their credit management.

It is this understanding that allows us to help others by passing our knowledge and expertise through articles such as this. Hopefully, this explains, both why we help others and how but should you need to learn more about how Account Assyst and Direct Route can help your office to resolve any issue in the credit and debt management process to make your life easier, then call one of the team now on 01274 223 190 or contact

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