The 2020 Brings New and Exciting Challenges

From 2020, companies face many questions, from the political climate to new and exciting challenges. Clive Allcott gives his predictions.


Brexit will force customers to look more at their UK supply chains. Exporting into Europe will see little growth until the uncertainty stops. Manufacturing orders are already lower in size, and I can’t see this cautious approach changing in the current climate.

Green ethics

We are becoming greener in all we do, including branded garments. Fast fashion could start to decline as clients look for better quality and longer-lasting products which they perceive as better for the environment.

We’ll see an increase in the use of organic and sustainable fabrics, as well as more focus on recycling and a reduction in the amount of packaging. There will be a new focus on the back story, highlighting traceability, the ecological and ethical background to production.

This could become as valuable as the chosen garment. And, as clients focus on reducing their carbon footprint, we’ll see a resurgence in UK manufacturing.

New techniques

Techniques that deliver clear, bold or innovative design will be key as businesses look to differentiate their brand. Embellished clothing and workwear will need to reflect retail quality and design.

This will encourage branded clothing to be worn not just in the workplace and at a specific event but out in day-to-day wear, benefiting the brand with increased marketing impressions and impacts. Dye sublimation could be one of these era-defining techniques, as it ensures corporate designs, artwork, and striking photographic images can be printed.

Going bespoke

As clients need to stand out in a competitive market, there will be a progression towards artistry and design, and a focus on unique products. To facilitate going bespoke, minimum order quantities will need to be lowered, which in turn will allow access and more flexibility to the supply chain.

Technology trends

AI and automation will be an essential part of our industry. Technology can have huge benefits, from efficiency, sustainability, and communication, to orders, processing, manufacture, and delivery.

AI will increasingly predict requirements based on search data. Machine algorithms are constantly learning and giving us the results that are best suited to us. This AI and virtual reality (VR) is now transitioning into the retail arena and we need to look at how we can benefit from this technology.

Happy selling Clive, The Clothing Guru

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