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Sounding good for Business

Putting a customer on hold needn’t mean putting them off. Mark Williamson explains the importance of call handling for the promotional products sector.

The promotional products industry knows the value of a good first impression. After all, the sector helps businesses capture attention through branded items. However, savvy businesses owners in the sector also recognise that it’s not just about how your company looks but also how your company sounds. The telephone is often the first point of contact for inbound sales leads, with research finding that almost half of consumers still prefer to get information over the phone rather than online. Yet businesses still aren’t recognising the link between caller satisfaction and its impact on the bottom line. A study by PHMG has found 73% of Brits won’t do repeat business with a company if their initial call wasn’t handled to satisfaction.

A golden opportunity
It is inevitable that at least some callers will be placed on hold. The typical UK business has been found to keep callers waiting for an average of 33.48 seconds per call. Instead of leaving customers listening to irritating beeps or even nothing at all, on-hold marketing converts ‘dead air’ into a valuable marketing opportunity. A bespoke audio branding production consisting of a creative script, professional voice artistry and exclusive music turns hold time on its head to help reinforce brand image. More than half of consumers feel more valued if they hear tailored voice and music while on hold. These messages enable direct communication with an engaged audience, working as a subtle promotion.

They can provide information about new product lines, seasonal offers or statistics detailing the advantages of promotional products. Callers can be made aware of what sets your business apart from the competition. Phone calls can make or break a customer relationship. Rather than focusing solely on how they look, businesses in the sector would be well advised to consider how they sound as well.

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