New for 2019 from Matt Pluckrose

Hot-footing it back from the Far East, Matt Pluckrose brings news of the latest in tech.

So, the annual technology fairs have now hit Hong Kong and after around 60k steps on my activity tracker we have finally finished and are ready to start work on launching the latest gadgets for 2019, but what is trending? Totally new concepts were thin on the ground, but it did highlight some popular trends in technology. Probably the single most popular technology concept is ‘true wireless stereo’ (TWS) or the ability to pair two Bluetooth audio devices to each other to create wireless stereo.

Most popular items at the show with this feature were micro BT earbuds and travel speakers. Wireless charging continues to be very current and there will be plenty of buying options. However, quality, usability and safety are concerns at the low end and consumer demand, compatibility and a slower than expected uptake is still a question for many. It’s one to watch closely for 2019 though. Fast charge PD adapters and in-car chargers will become a big part of our
‘re-charging’ world.

The fast charge delivered by PD enabled devices will become popular as cars become info/ entertainment centres as driverless cars revolutionise our world. Alexa and smart home entertainment systems are growing in popularity with Amazon selling Alexa to many factories in China. With Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon battling it out on the retail market this looks a tricky area for merchandise in terms of price competitiveness and margins. Bluetooth 5 is now live and expanding rapidly into many new products and service areas.

This new standard is bringing far greater wireless transmission distances between gadget and host device. This coupled with the ability to pair up to 10 or more devices to one host device opens the door to many new and improved speakers, trackers, heart rate monitors, headphones, and earbuds. With so many cool tech gadgets for 2019, make sure you don’t get left behind.

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