Briman Voice – IT’S SHOWTIME

Briman Group businesses will be out in force at Merchandise World. Mark Alderson rounds up some of what they’ll be showing

The Briman Group is looking forward to displaying a wide range of exciting new British manufactured promotional products at the forthcoming Merchandise World event. With sustainability being the industry buzz word, many of these new products share this common theme. Below, you will find a sneak peek into what to expect at the event.

Adpads – Enviro-smart books

This white, recycled polypropylene case contains three A5 recycled till receipt smart books. It’s ideal for new starter packs for the New Year and for brands wanting to display an eco-friendly image and lessen their impact on the environment. You can brand each book differently.

First Editions – Tritan sports bottle 

The new range is completely UK made, using a state of the art energy efficient moulding process and offers a refillable, reusable bottle for life. Manufactured from Tritan, a very durable BPA-free material, the Aqua is available in a choice of colours and finishes, with added extras such as fruit infuser and straw.

Juniper Products –Recyclo-book

Made from 99% recycled post-consumer waste, this A5 casebound notebook has a soft touch cover with a subtle colour change when embossed. It contains 96 pages of lined white paper made from recycled PCW paper.

Sow Easy – Bee-shaped seedstick

Made from FSC certified paper and printed with vegetable and soy inks, this product is not only produced by a solar panel powered factory but also promotes the population of bees; an insect on the steady decline. Bee part of the buzz!

Umbrella Company – Vented umbrellas

This exclusive UK-made, vented canopy can be used on any storm-proof frame, with a choice of a combination from more than 50 stock panel colours for no extra cost (excluding metallic). You can Pantone match to any colour for an additional cost.

WCM&A – Moso bamboo name badge

Using only the highest quality material, with the most stringent environmental and compliance standards, a wide choice of bamboo name badges, awards and other products, across all ranges, will be introduced early in 2020. As well as showcasing these and many other new products, Briman group companies will also be participating in the now legendary ‘Briman Treasure Hunt’. Distributors who visit all Briman members’ stands and collect the necessary stickers will win a box of chocolates and be entered into a prize draw for £250 worth of Amazon vouchers.

The Briman Group looks forward to seeing you at the event in January. Mark Alderson is chairman of the Briman Group.

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