Brexit: Our Industry Voice

As we are sure you are all aware the current events in Parliament are unprecedented, the uncertainty over the Brexit negotiations are affecting confidence across the market and are proving wearing on our industry.

There are a number of possible outcomes as to how the UK could leave the EU or the possibility still remains that we could have a further referendum which will lead to a protracted period of uncertainty.

It is at these times that the Industry more than ever needs a strong Trade Association.

Industry contribution to the UK
Our sector contributes over £1BN to the UK economy and currency fluctuations, trading challenges and politics are impacting our ability to do business.

The end user market predicts static spend and to counter this, the broader marketing industry is prompting activation investment. As a result, we are presented with an immense opportunity to demonstrate how our industry can grow brand resonance and recall through physical brand experience – shown to be one of the most effective mediums.

Supporting our Members
As an industry that relies heavily on imports from Global supply chains, we are discussing our business concerns with the Department of International Trade (DIT) to look at how the BPMA can further protect our Members’ interests at this time.

As part of this challenge, we are also looking for our Members to share with the BPMA team their specific experiences to understand your position and how we can best support you during this period. All information is shared in the strictest confidence and will not be discussed outside of the immediate BPMA team.

With further votes due in Parliament, we appear no closer to the ‘real’ scenario we may be facing and understanding the very real and immediate challenges you face is imperative – together with the positives that could arise. As your trade body, we will be keeping you updated on news and views as more information comes to light.

If you would like to discuss your specific challenges your business is facing, please contact me at or +44 7595 710 338 for a confidential conversation.

We will then aim to publish an update to our Members as to our view on how Brexit will affect our Members and how the BPMA will support you in these challenging times.

Jon Birrell, CEO BPMA

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