BPMA releases new research at BPMA Conference

Long awaited research is being released this week at the BPMA Conference. At a special session hosted by BPMA CEO Carey Trevill, she will be examining the first of a two part research project undertaken by the BPMA for member use.

Halted in its tracks at the start of lockdown, the research programme resumed during the summer. The first stage looks in detail at consumer behaviours towards merchandise during the pandemic, memorability and recall plus important behavioural insights for future. This includes attitudes to sustainability and eco-products. A hot topic with advertisers and marketers, understanding this critical approach to the life cycle of merchandise is essential for every member.

The second stage of research to be released later this year is conducted with end user buyers to further the sustainable standard conversation, building a greater understanding of how the market is procuring merchandise and how we can support this process during the regeneration of our industry during the next few months.

The first stage of research will be first made available in the virtual platform before release to members. There is still time to register for this event, please contact events@bpma.co.uk for your member only registration link

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