We must Face the Future!

Facial recognition used to be about allowing digital cameras to take better pictures by positioning and focusing on a face.

This technology has upgraded immensely and you can pay for things by simply using Face ID. The technology is combining with others to revolutionise the way we shop. We are familiar with barcodes, but they can only store a small amount of information.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are very small chips that can be scanned from a distance. Already used in payment cards and employee identification, RFID is playing a bigger role in the store.

Mobile connects

In many countries, you can now pay with Apple Pay, which uses Face ID for verification. Less known in the Western world is the app WeChat, that is used by more than 902 million people in Asia.

In China people literally, do everything via their phone. From paying bills to making a hospital appointment, everything is done via WeChat, and it uses Face ID.

Amazon Go

It seems one technology is not even fully adopted before it is replaced with a new one. Amazon is leading the way with its new concept of retail experience that uses all the latest technology. Amazon Go combines AI, deep learning algorithms and RFID sensors in an intelligent concept store.

You just grab and go, and payment is transferred from your bank account.

Customers log in via the Amazon Go app before walking into the store. Once inside, cameras keep track of your purchases using facial recognition software.

The products in the store all contain RFID chips that register where the product is located and whether you pick it up. Amazon calls this ‘Just Walk Out Technology’ as cashiers are not needed.

There are six Amazon Go stores in the making already. Of course, there are implications for customer service. Store staff are experts so the future may combine online and offline service. However, technology is set to play a bigger role and your face could be the key.

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