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Wage revelation over Corbyn T-shirts

T-shirts that raised £100,000 for Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to be Labour Party leader were made by workers earning just 49p per hour, according to an investigation by The Mail on Sunday.

The T-shirts cost supporters £10 each, with additional postage at £3.50, but the workers from Nicaragua were paid just 49p per hour for them. In Nicaragua, workers are paid £101 a month for shifts that keep some workers on the factory site for more than 12 hours a day, with breaks.

Some of the T-shirts were made in Haiti where workers are paid a piece rate depending on how many shirts they make, which means some earn as little as 39p an hour.

The factories are run by Canadian clothing giant Gildan which, in a statement, said: “Gildan is committed to respecting international labour standards. We pay above the industry minimum wage and provide access to on-site medical clinics operating 24/7 and bonuses for food and transport.”

Jeremy Corbyn did not comment.

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