Valued industry network

The BPMA has three straightforward principles; to inspire, to connect and educate its members.

During the pandemic, the Association has delivered essential information and resources for members to ensure every business owner and team has what they need to function. Delivering important firsts such as research, lobbying on behalf of members and representing the standards that differentiate; distributors and suppliers in application for BPMA membership before 9th September, will be able to gain access to the BPMA Conference.

Enjoying a wide array of membership benefits critical at the present time including Account Assyst that provides access to credit reports, Croner legal helpline covering employment and more, distributors joining can also access the BPMA voucher scheme, representing over £3,000 of savings with BPMA member suppliers.

If you’d like to understand more about BPMA membership and extra benefits for joining now, please contact Tom Robey at BPMA membership via

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