UK manufacturers in the Briman group continue to grow

The UK manufacturers’ group, Briman has indicated strong growth as more clients look for fast turnaround times. Many members report investment in new machinery and extra staff. One member has grown 240%, and Orchard Melamine took on four members of staff alone.

Kevin Kingham from UK Lanyards, said: “To be honest, the increase in imported costs will only help us. However, the quid per quo here, is if raw materials have to
be imported, then there will be an impact for the manufacturer.There has been an increase in the buying British theme that has come from distributors but also because there has been an interest with end users too.”

Ian Webb, managing director from Bio Labs has invested in two more label machines and taken on two extra staff. He said that the Brexit vote could be good for UK manufacturing but has some concerns over the economy which may affect promotional spend.

The Briman group offers an opportunity for distributors to promote a UK-made collection. Jamie Gray from Sow Easy on a recent visit to PSI suggested that there was real interest from European clients, who have traditionally thought of UK products as more expensive because the strong pound and shipment charges but are now finding quick turnaround times and a more competitive marketplace. Many UK manufacturers also have advanced printing technology allowing for digital printing on promotional products.

Angela Wagstaff, marketing director, Allwag Promotions, winner of the 2016 Briman Richard Dyson award for promoting British suppliers, said: “We
have noticed a real interest in our clients to back British suppliers.”

There are many advantages of buying British made products. Members of the Briman group must have a minimum of 50% of their turnover coming from British made products. The group remains committed to supporting British manufacturing and promoting best practices within the industry.

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