Training grants for Transition

With complex new rules and procedures, it is important to gain skills and knowledge within your business to ensure you are ready to fulfil the all-important orders your company has secured. The good news is that funding is available to help.

Customs declarations grant funding 

Customs declarations training that helps your business to complete customs declarations and processes​, including hiring new staff to help your business complete customs declarations​ and IT improvements to help your business complete customs declarations more efficiently​.

To qualify for this type of training grant, your business must:​

  • have been established in the UK for at least 12 months before the submission of your application and when the grant is paid​
  • as a business you have not have previously failed to meet its tax obligations – when you apply they will check records to decide if your business is eligible for a grant​

In addition, it’s important your business must meet one of the descriptions that indicates your involvement in these types of transactions;

  • complete or intend to complete customs declarations on behalf of your clients​
  • be an importer or exporter and complete or intend to complete declarations internally for your own goods​
  • be an organisation which recruits, trains and places apprentices in businesses to undertake customs declarations.​

It is important to note Customs declarations grant funding must be used for ​the areas listed below and be ready to evidence the spend.

  • Recruitment 
  • Training 
  • IT improvements 

How much is available?

  • Recruitment – £3000 plus up to £12000 to cover costs for new or redeployed employee ​
  • Training – 100% of the actual costs for external training up to £1500 per employee (£250 per employee for internal training)​
  • IT improvements – 100% of costs relating to IT expenditure ​

With funding readily available, the industry is encouraged to take advantage of these funds. You can claim up to 200,000 Euros over a maximum three year period. Applications can be made on line via PwC​​ for this important funding.

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