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Trained in Promotional Merchandise

It is so nice to see and hear that education and training remains firmly on everyone’s agenda for 2017. The demand for a flexible industry specific training programme that can be integrated into each business is rising steadily from both suppliers and distributors.

The BPMA’s education programme offers a blended learning approach that allows members to use the costeffective training tool as a replacement, or an add on, to their staff training and development programmes.

A majority of the learners enrolled on the education programme begin on the Trained in Promotional Merchandise (TPM Course). It is primarily targeted to those who have 0-3 years’ industry experience but some have been in the industry longer and want to start at the entry level course and work their way to higher levels such as the CPM (Certified in Promotional Merchandise).

The TPM course starts with an optional, free half-day introductory seminar in London. These run in May, July and October. The 12-month online study is supplemented by optional supplier factory visits. The mandatory content is online with access to video and pdf content covering 14 subjects.

This setup allows managers and learners to select a training plan and range of study topics that will enhance each individual’s skill set, knowledge and development within the industry. Learners can register and begin their studies at any time. Once online, delegates select a piece of content, watch the video, read accompanying pdf content, take the quiz and gain 80% or more in the quiz to be awarded credits. Once the credit number has been achieved the learner can sit the exam.

Academy graduate, Bethann Coleman from Hambleside Business Gifts, said the programme is flexible and can be tailored to individual needs. “No matter which level you are at, you have access to all content to help expand your working knowledge and the quiz section allows you to monitor your progress. The online system is simple to use and encourages you to reach your targets and achieve your goals.”

Bethann is now working towards her Master in Promotional Merchandise qualification (MPM), the highest level of course available within the education programme.

Another learner, Sooz Holmes (TPM) from Essential Promotions said: “I started working for Essential Promotions with no experience in the promotional merchandise industry. Along with the expertise of my colleagues I found the BPMA education programme an excellent starting point to develop my knowledge. Being able to tailor the programme module by module is great as you can develop in the areas that are the most relevant to your experience and role. I would highly recommend this for any new starters within the industry and I’m looking forward to completing the CPM level.”

The BPMA will be launching a new education platform very soon – contact or more information and to get your team signed up.

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