Trading standards and BPMA work together

The BPMA has recently entered into a formal Primary Authority Partnership with Cambridgeshire Trading Standards to provide regulatory guidance and support to members. The scheme is managed through the regulatory delivery team of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

An innovative part of the scheme allows Cambs TS to legally support members who follow any guidance the BPMA jointly issues. The BPMA and its members qualify to be part of the scheme as it is regarded as having “a shared approach to compliance”.

The BPMA sees the partnership as away to both support members and help raise standards across the industry, as well as highlighting any poor practice. While much of the advice will be provided to the association on behalf of its members, individual issues can be managed on a cost basis. The aim is to ensure that all members are operating within the law and selling legally compliant products.

Equally, the association is aware that some organisations may at times be inadvertently non-compliant and it’s the intention to raise awareness and support members in resolving any such matters.

Commenting, Trading Standards business hub manager, Mark Oliver said: “We are delighted that the BPMA is taking such a proactive and positive role in the field of product compliance and we are very keen to support both the association and its members.”

Cambridgeshire Trading Standards will also be sharing insights at the forthcoming BPMA regional meetings in March and April.

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