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Bonn’s annual celebration of product media, Haptica live, brought merchandise to life once more.

The sixth edition of Haptica live in Bonn attracted 193 exhibitors, an increase on the 174 in 2017 and 142 the previous year.

As well as an increase in numbers, 1,803 visitors were treated to the latest in product media that engaged the senses. From illuminated Coca-Cola bottles, branded organic apples, and clothing made from ocean waste, there was an all-round insight into the industry’s latest trends, a free run-down of the novelties and a large pool of ideas for sourcing project-related products.

Of course, sustainability was a key theme and a special zone provided information on socially-responsible and eco-friendly production. Products included notebooks made from leftovers of apples, T-shirts made of fairly-traded, GOTS-certified organic cotton, and vegan jelly babies in compostable bags, showing the variety of sustainable alternatives that are available on the market.

Lecturer, Prof. Dr.Michael Braungart, underlined the message in a presentation that called on promotional products to leave a positive footprint and not simply do less damage to the environment. Other speakers gave an inside view of their companies’ haptic advertising strategies. Tom Inden-Lohmar, managing shareholder of Mampe Spirituosen, explained how he had revived the cult spirit brand with its elephant logo. Meanwhile Deutsche Bank revealed how its new campaign #positiveimpact relies on the aid of haptic promotional products.

Visitors gained further practical tips in the Best Practice Special Show: 17 campaigns from all over the globe that illustrated effective haptic advertising. They ranged from anti-drink driving beer mats made of metal from cars that had been involved in accidents, to toilet paper made from mashed election leaflets of German right wing political parties. A Swedish campaign saw scarfs made from air filter material to convey information about the influenza period.

Best examples of haptic advertising were also recognised in awards which saw 42 winners celebrated. Visitors could see the winners during the day, ranging from a table lamp reproduction of the Allianz Arena, through to a BMW experiment set.

Next year’s Haptica live is taking place on 20 March 2019, at the WCCB, Bonn.

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