Time to say thank you at Christmas

As we enter the last quarter of the calendar year, and for some the financial year, we should take time to review the last 12 months and identify those who have made a significant difference to our business. Who are our stand out, loyal and valuable customers? Which members of our team, across the business, have made outstanding contributions?

From our numerous suppliers, who has unfailingly delivered however unreasonable our demands on them have become? Christmas is the perfect time to say, ‘thank you’. So how do we say thank you? Today, there are more rules than ever about corporate gifting and any excesses are simply not allowed. This, however, provides promotional merchandise with a golden opportunity to supply appropriate gifts. Branded Christmas gifts can convey the corporate message 365 days a year. Despite the challenges from electronic alternatives the diary and calendar markets are alive and well. Which item can most of us not live without?

Our phone conventional or solar, for UK use or worldwide, can be branded and gifted and they are in use every day of the year. The individual personalisation of any gift raises the perceived value to the recipient as this gift is unique to them. Staff names, franchise holders, hotel guests, club members, customers, and society members all present the opportunity to individualise the gift. Year dating also makes the gift relevant to the occasion and provides a reminder of that special moment. Christmas is coming and it is still the perfect opportunity to say thank you to those who make a difference to your business. Merry Christmas.

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