Time For Action

Deciding on content that is suitable for both suppliers and distributors, and relevant for the highest level MDs and business owners, as well as the customer-facing sales teams, marketing teams and future leaders is no easy task. This year, however, our workshop and training style Education Day will be fun, practical and engaging and perfect fora ll levels managing, overseeing or contributing to sales and/or marketing.

Common language

MDs or business owners can learn a common language, clear priorities and sales-focussed thinking. They will be able to clearly visualise the end-to-end sales journey and the elements that come together to create a scalable, profitable, sales and marketing operation.

They’ll find away of talking about marketing that engages the whole team, discovering atoolthat can be used in thebusiness to periodically re-focus on marketing priorities that underpin sales results. Marketing teams who attend can learn howtoget their team on boardw ith marketing investments, workingtowards this common language for expressing the strategic value of marketing to their business. They’lllearnatechnique that can be used to underpin creative collaboration from others in their team and enable them to quickly

sort all the competing marketing ideas in the business intoa‘Do it, Delay it, Ditch it’ list. Sales teams should also be there discussing the tools they really need to support every step of the sale, again finding a language for expressing what they need from marketing to support the businessn delivering sales results. They’ll understand where any frustrations with marketing come from, and how to unblock the potential of sales and marketing working effectively together.

Next generation

Bring along the rising stars in your team too. Invest in their growth and they’ll learn how sales and marketing fittogether getting a clear view of how people move through buying decisions. This will help them to visualise the interplay between sales and marketing to see where the business can add value.

Personalised approach

Also, in the runup to the Education Day, delegates will be sent a link to complete a 15-minute survey about their marketing and how they perceive their marketing. This will be used to build a unique profile. We will then analyse all the data to produce are port for theBPMAthatshowsusthe areasinthe sales process that aremost, and least, well supported by our members. This will help to highlight where our members might need additional expertise and guidance to step things up. We can then use this data for developing further education content. If that’snot enough, we’ll also be continuing the momentum by using the analysis to prep area follow-up webinar for the delegates. Delegates can also get 25 credits towards their BPMA Education Programme TPM, CPM or MPMqualifications.

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