The Pen Warehouse adds 360° laser engraving

Thanks to investment in cutting-edge technology, The Pen Warehouse now offers 360° laser engraving on 118 of its products with a five-day standard lead time.

Traditionally, the laser engraving process has only been able to mark a restricted area on a cylindrical pen. It only has line-of-sight of one side of the barrel and cannot engrave around it. This means it is typically limited to an engraving height of between 6mm and 10mm.

However, technological advances mean the machine can now also engrave around the circumference of the pen at the same time, making the entire 360° of the barrel available for branding.

The barrel is rotated in very small increments as it is engraved and improved communication between the stepper motor and the laser head allows a level of accuracy previously unheard of.

The Pen Warehouse has also seen its platform prove to be a hit with distributors, contributing to a sales increase of 68% on the same month last year.

The website allows distributors to order high-quality printed products with no minimum order quantities. The streamlined web-to-print system lets the user choose a product, see a real-time representation of how it will look with their artwork, and then send the order directly to print, all within a few minutes.

Distributors can even get their own easy to set up bespoke websites, allowing end users to place orders with little to no intervention on the part of the distributor.

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