The hidden financial benefits of bpma membership

Mandy Hastie, managing director of Liquid Lens and part of the membership committee at the bpma

While the core benefits of bpma membership are well known such as enhanced reputation, professional development and business opportunities, not everyone knows about the hidden support and discounted services they can take advantage of as a member.

When you become a bpma member, you become part of a supportive group, one that can offer expert advice, specialist services and financial support when you need it most, but there’s an added benefit too….

Over the years we’ve forged relationships with experts in many fields to bring you the very best in legal, financial, business and health and safety and, through negotiation and our reputation, these services are available to our members at very preferential rates.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if you need help with credit control, difficult debt collection, mediation, payroll, pensions or VAT, our financial partners can guide you or manage it for you at a highly discounted rate.

It means that if you need legal advice on employment law, commercial law or health and safety law, you can take advantage of our free legal counselling service – instead of paying hundreds of pounds to a solicitor.

It means you can benefi t from one-to-one advice from our director general in a confidential meeting to get first-hand, expert advice on lead generation, marketing, pricing, product launches, social media exhibiting and staffing – saving yourself hundreds of pounds in consultancy fees.

Save money

From product testing to advice on international trade, our list of affiliate partners continues to grow – as does our list of benefits for our members.

It’s a big perk of membership with the bpma. Not only does it give you added peace of mind that you’re part of an exclusive group looking out for your interests, it can save you a great deal of money each year.

Next time you need to outsource a business service to turn to an expert, refer to the bpma Affiliate Partners list first.

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