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The bpma LinkedIn forum

The bpma LinkedIn community has almost 900 members and a number of important industry topics are discussed. Some of the more recent ones include

Computer Virus hits industry: A computer virus hit the industry in November and a number of companies got caught out. The subject heading was Promotional Gifts – Project Draft Urgent. The bpma advice is always to be mindful of unsolicited email. If it looks too good to be true it probably is. Also, check the url suffix.

Bad Debtors – how much time do we waste on people who clearly have no intention of paying: Denise Broom from Broom Incentives warned other members of a recent problem with a non-payer. The bpma once again recommends careful credit checks on companies before selling or buying from them. We also recommend the bpma Account Assyst credit management programme.

Rude and Aggressive behaviour: Gordon Glenister commented on possible reasons why a number of suppliers have been experiencing unreasonable behaviour issues from customers.

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