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Tech Questions

This month our resident technology expert Matt Pluckrose answers questions on how tech is influencing product media.

Q. What changes are you seeing currently in the promo tech market?

A. The market is in a state of change with some products, such as power banks, reaching saturation and other new entrants slower to reach expected growth levels, such as wireless charging. The slowdown in number of new phones and devices being sold is certainly having an effect as the number of Apple users with access to this new technology is not at the levels predicted. We are seeing a distinct shift in clients promoting and adopting so called ‘brand ambassador’ style products with a USP rather than relying on a ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’ approach.

Q. So where should distributors focus their attention to maximise their profits in promo tech?

A. The area that seems to be on the up currently is charging cables and accessories that highlight the brand and provide alow cost and useful gadget or gift for the end user. Despite much choice on the market it seems this is becoming a hot area and if you can find a gadget to allow your client’s logo to really shine, you can secure good volume orders.

Q. Do you see any disturbance in the market in promo tech?

A. I think for sure we will see more clients and their end-user clients start asking more questions about the transparency of the supply chain for tech items. Compliance is key with tech, as badly designed or cheaply made products can severely damage a brand.

The need to keep both fully documented files on every product and audits on all manufacturing plants is something that a few clients request but currently not many. I still see our industry as full of suspicion when it comes to transparency which is a shame as true partnerships where both parties win, requires this in the current highly competitive market.

My opinion is a strategic advantage can be levied by dealers when they focus on this area and don’t try to ‘avoid’ it unless asked. Why not make bold statements and claims about total compliance and then work with trusted and professional suppliers to deliver this every time.

Matt Pluckrose is managing director of Desktop Ideas

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