The Sweet People Sell ID Badge Business to Imagin Products

UK, April 2017 – The Sweet People, formerly Liquid Lens, have today announced that the ID badge side of their business has now been sold to Imagin Products Ltd.  As from the 2nd May, 2017, all ID badge orders will run through Imagin Products.

This move by The Sweet People is part of their growth strategy and will enable them to place greater focus on building a fully compliant confectionery business.

Liquid Lens, which recently rebranded to The Sweet People, has been a market leader in doming for the past 20 years, and now produces over 100,000 domed labels every week.  The company began creating domed labels for the ID badge market in 2002, and built a reputation for delivering domed labels with a superior quality finish, however as the company continues to forge forward in the confectionery market, they have made the strategic decision to pass the ID badge business to a specialist.

“Imagin Products are a perfect match for our business because we share the same values and quality standards. We wanted to make sure that the transition from our company to Imagin would be as seamless as possible so that our customers would continue to receive a consistent, continued level of service,” explained Steve Hastie, Managing Director.

Imagin Products Ltd is a specialist ID badge manufacturer, based in Fife.  The company recently installed one of Liquid Lens’ complete domed label production systems to complement their existing ID badge offering.  Whilst all current and historic production files have been transferred to Imagin, Liquid Lens will continue to provide on-going technical support to ensure that all orders are fulfilled correctly.

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