Sustainably British

Briman Group companies are taking the responsibility for responsible production seriously, says Mark Alderson.

With more than £243 million of goods being imported into the UK by sea and air, the large carbon footprint caused by international sourcing is clear to see. The UK manufactured products not only have a reduced carbon footprint but with many Briman members investing in environmentally friendly schemes, their benefits to the environment are far-reaching.

These projects come in many forms, ranging from simple ideas such as reducing the volume of single-use plastic, to large projects involving the installation of biomass boilers and solar panels. In 2011, Great Central Plastics installed a 132-panel photovoltaic system on its factory roof. The system displaces 13,653kg of CO2 per year. Managing director, Tony Philips, says: “In real terms, the solar panels account for approximately 33% of our power requirements.” WCM&A took a slightly different approach to reduce its emissions in 2015 when it installed a biomass boiler.

This highly efficient system works at an incredible 90% efficiency and uses a carbon-lean energy source. The company’s Jules Adam comments: “We source all our biomass pellets from local suppliers, ensuring 100% UK origination.” Many Briman members have engaged in dynamic recycling policies, none more impressive than Adpads. On average, Adpads recycle more than 33 tonnes of paper each month, which equates to a saving of 561 mature trees. A different approach to the recycling problem has been undertaken by First Editions. Since 2016, all its waste plastic has been given new life through its transformation into guttering by a local business.

As Sow Easy’s environmentally friendly seed sticks grow, the plants absorb CO2 and other pollutants from the atmosphere. UK Lanyards has removed single-use plastic from individual product packaging, while Orchard Melamine has installed a new efficient CNC machine which has reduced waste energy in the form of sound and heat. Sourcing UK made products has many environmental benefits. Please contact individual Briman members directly for more information on these and many other initiatives.

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