Supporting NHS heroes with what we all do best

British promotional merchandise manufacturers have joined forces with NHS charity HEROES to raise urgent funds for our incredible NHS frontline staff AND we need your help.

Calling all professional BPMA distributors, this is your opportunity to get involved and help make a difference.

So, if you would like:

  • To help us raise money and awareness for a brilliant cause
  • Your own branded web page featuring some great fundraising products
  • A range of merchandise with guaranteed charitable donations made on each sale

Visit and for just £10 (+VAT) upfront, your logo will replace our Frontline Promo brand at the top of the page, your contact details will appear in the footer, we’ll give you a price list specifically for those products showing exactly what will be donated to HEROES on any order and all the templates you need to create visuals for your clients – and we’ll even give £5 of that initial payment to HEROES to get the ball rolling.

It’s a unique concept where we harness the power of our brilliant distributors and their social media connections to raise awareness and a load of money as fast as possible. You, the distributor, control the sale and are the only ones in contact with your customers – we get on and do what we do best, make the stuff. As you will see, we’re not in this for making profits, at least 25% of our unit cost for each item will be donated to HEROES, this is simply a cause will all believe in and hope you do to.

For more information on HEROES please

Get in touch for further details on the FrontlinePromo campaign:

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