Stay connected, stay informed – Join the BPMA Slack groupStay Connected, stay informed – Join the BPMA Slack group

The BPMA encourages all members to join its dedicated member Slack group.

Launched in March at the beginning of lockdown, the BPMA Slack channels serve as an informal place for members to share and discuss challenges the industry is currently facing as well as support and help fellow members.

Over 320 members have already signed up.

The BPMA use the online platform to keep members updated in real time posting a range of advice and information relevant to business recovery and Brexit transition readiness.

Why Join the group?

  • NEW dedicated Supplier Product channel! Suppliers, post your new & trending products for distributors to see
  • General BPMA member channel
  • Dedicated Distributor channel
  • Dedicated Supplier channel

2nd Lockdown Updates

Up to date consolidated lists of member business opening hours are shared on Slack throughout the current lockdown.

Stay Connected, Stay informed – Join the BPMA Slack group

If you would like to join the BPMA Slack group, please email Tom Robey to register.

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