Split markets

End user research carried out by the DMA has indicated a mixed bag when questioned about the impact Coronavirus has had on the ability to carry out marketing programs. With 52% still feeling pessimistic, evidence shows that customer trust is building back in brands to as much as 40%. When considering impact of the ability to carry out marketing programs during this period, 40% of marketers reported it was the same with 27% saying it had improved.

Budgets and cash unsurprisingly remain the biggest concerns however with the slight increase in revenue generation during July signals some more positive change afoot. Importantly, capacity was questioned and critical for the merchandise industry to reflect its own capacity as 67% report being able to operate ‘business as usual’ indicating the gearing up of the end user market to bring back workers from furlough and answer client needs. This is also reflected in an increased optimism about getting through the worst of the financial slump; 40% of companies indicated they could last 12 months and more despite the downturn.


End user markets are open and opening up for more business and despite offices being closed, work continues. Communicating our open status is essential to the wider markets to capture every opportunity.

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