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Digital print company Snap Products has added Pierre Cardin branded premium notebooks to its range of 23 notebook lines. As official Pierre Cardin licensee in the UK and Ireland, Snap has developed the product in-house. The Pierre Cardin Exclusive notebook features a unique silk-feel hard cover, while the Pierre Cardin Fashion notebook features audacious colour selection.

Overall, Snap has 23 notebook lines to choose from, each combining contemporary styling with the latest manufacturing techniques for products that make an impression. Their materials have been specially selected to offer a wide range of branding options, including Snap’s new debossing service. The range includes the Duro notebook, with its classic design and choice of sizes, and the Imagine notebook, available in 52 colour combinations and including integrated USB memory.

Each notebook can be presented in new custom packaging, adding a retail style finishing touch. Customised sleeves and bellybands are also available.

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