Serious about sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability are decisive factors in the choices many companies and consumers make. PF Concept therefore invests heavily in ensuring sustainability throughout its supply chain. The company’s holistic approach is illustrated in its new sustainability report “Serious about Sustainability”. The strategy is also supported by online availability of relevant certificates for its products.

Roelofarendsveen, 31 August 2017 – PF Concept meets demanding sustainability standards across its product portfolio via an efficient management system, through which findings from regular supplier audits are coordinated with any corrective actions which need to be taken. Audit results are checked against clear guidelines, analysed and expressed via a scorecard with colour-coded categories. Any factory which falls short of requirements is issued with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and coached by PF Concept’s Quality Assurance team on implementing it. This international team of more than 20 people across Europe, Asia and the USA takes the lead in ensuring the established high requirements for a sustainable process chain are constantly and consistently implemented and developed.

“When walking through the factories, it makes me proud to see the positive change that is happening with my own eyes,” says Ralf Oster, PF Concept’s CEO.

In addition to carefully monitored suppliers, PF Concept’s ISO 14001 certified decoration and distribution facility in Poland plays an important role in maintaining sustainability all along the product journey. This modern plant is equipped with a wide range of innovative customisation technologies, which are complemented with impressive logistical performance for express production and delivery times all over Europe.

“The customers drive the topic, and they expect tight security down to the last detail,” explains Pieter Boonekamp, PF Concept’s Vice President of European Sales. “The end customer identifies with their promotional product, and thereby places great value on credibility and transparency.”

“Serious about Sustainability” provides a clear and transparent explanation of PF Concept’s approach to the matter. The information in this report gives traders, suppliers and end users useful insight into the work the company is putting in to sustainability and social responsibility on a worldwide scale.

“Transparency and an open approach to sustainability shape our way of thinking and acting,” confirms Boonekamp. “This is why we provide certificates for our products on our portal, so that both our distributors and our end customers have comprehensive insight into the sustainability of our products.” These certificates can be integrated directly into distributors’ own online shops for fast retrieval.

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