See it, feel it, use it

European trade show Haptica showcases the strengths of product media in providing tangible representations for brands. Gordon Glenister checked it out.

Haptica took place in the newly founded World Conference Centre in Bonn and was well received by visitors and exhibitors alike. The show was on the 16 March and organised by WA media. Just under 1,500 visitors were presented, with an array of exhibitors from leading European suppliers in the promotional gift industry.

The show was attended by bpma director general, Gordon Glenister, who was fascinated to see how end users and distributors walked the floor of the one-day show. Visitors also heard about the potential for products that were ‘tangibly different’. Philip Siefer, chief executive of Einhorn Products, entertained more than 200 listeners with his cool and cheeky, yet always tasteful comments on the haptic upgrade of vegan condoms to ‘sexy products’, that appealed to our sense of touch.

Visitors were also able to find out the communicative potential that other haptic advertising media can produce, in the Best Practice special show. Two Brazilian campaigns were among the highlights of the exhibited examples. In one, dolls that show sunburn, were distributed by Nivea to children on Brazilian beaches as an edutainment product. Another was the barbecue bible by Tramontina, each page of which doubles up as an accessory for the barbecue, including firelighters, a knife sharpener, and even a cutting board.

While visitors were served coffee specialities and interesting facts about haptic advertising in the Facts and Coffee-to-go-Lounge, they were able to examine this year’s 49 award winners in the Promotional Gift Award 2016 exhibition.

The event, which scored highly with both exhibitors and visitors alike, was brought to a close by the prize-ceremony for the winners of the awards followed by an evening

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