Screenworks pioneers customised unit

Garment specialist, Screenworks, has launched a new business unit focused on delivering customised textiles and promotional clothing, along with its design services, in response to client demand for more individualisation.

The division, called Inspired, is in response to increasing requests from clients to have more visibility over the production of bespoke and customised clothing. For many, knowing how an item is manufactured has become as important as the item itself.

The team at Screenworks operates hand-in-hand with clients throughout, to create both the item and the process that all parties are happy with. Duncan Gilmour, managing director at Screenworks, said Inspired would meet the needs of clients by delivering great design, and customised and bespoke products.

“Quality and accuracy of production have always been two of the greatest challenges faced by customers looking to order clothing. Sizes and quality of production can vary greatly between brands, and even within batches. With more detailing and complicated prints these issues can often be exacerbated.”

Matt Daines, sales director of the new division, said Inspire’s understanding of products, manufacturing and processes would help grow the industry overall. “The whole team is made up of individuals who are passionate about developing and delivering products beyond customer expectations. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of all we do,” he added.

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