Screenworks looks to inspire

The Suffolk-based garment specialist recently took to Merchandise World to spread the word about its new bespoke clothing service, called Inspired.

Managing director Duncan Gilmour explained that Screenworks was receiving many enquiries from brands that wanted branded clothing that was completely designed from the ground up. “Clients want something that is not throw away and that it truly different.

They want products that are inspiring for their target audience.” With Inspired, which Screenworks launched last year, clients get a consultative approach that allows them to specify everything from the fabric, colour, cut, decoration and embellishments.

Every element of the product is specifically designed to align perfectly with a brand. Minimum orders start from just 50 and despite the ultra bespoke approach, lead times can be as low as two weeks.

As well as providing products with a wow factor, Gilmour said that Screenworks worked with audited factories to ensure that its supply chain was able to deliver on the sustainability requirements of an increasing number of brands. “We have a partnership with our suppliers where we invest in them to ensure that they understand what is important to our clients and why,” he said.

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