Scam alerts

After a deluge of scam emails reported to the BPMA with claims for outstanding payments, the latest scam to hit members is the offer of a data list, claiming to hold names and emails. With Sourcing City being hit with similar scams, the industry is investigating the source of the scams and spam.

The BPMA will never sell data to a third party and BPMA emails will always originate from a trusted source. If in doubt always contact the BPMA for verification via its main number on 01372 371 184 or a trusted email.

Scams are sadly a part of everyday life and as the scammers get clever with their methods, we must all be vigilant, checking the email address and reading copy carefully to watch out for key signs of a scam:

  • Email address doesn’t match a trusted email address even if the sender looks familiar
  • The sender looks like they work for an organisation you know but you don’t recognise the name
  • The request is for money or information that comes out of the blue
  • Spelling or grammar is poor, with missing punctuation or misspelt names
  • The email text and style is unusual for this person or organisation to send
  • No contact information provided
  • Attachments which the recipient asks you to click on to verify information which are a link or document

If you need more information and would like to report a scam, you can visit the Government site for how to report and avoid being caught out here.

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