SC-M goes back to the future

SC-M Creative Merchandise has gone Back to the Future to show how technology showcased in the 1985 film really might exist in real-life 2015.

With today’s advancements in charging tech, and a large dose of creativity, SC-M’s team are celebrating the virtual launch of the Mr Fusion USB Energy Reactor concept. Powered by domestic waste, it can charge up to 100 USB items or even an electric car in only 10 minutes!

Mr Fusion, invented by Doc Emmett Brown in Back To The Future, gave the DeLoreon its 1.21 gigawatts of power just from recycled waste. A product from the Mr Fusion range would be an awesome asset in any office.

OK, so the Mr Fusion Energy Reactor isn’t available to buy just yet but Rebecca Lister of Nottingham-based SC-M says they want to show the importance of creative

“Creativity will always be key to turning heads to make your product or service stand out from the crowd. In a recent bpma survey, 32% of people said that there was a lack of creativity surrounding promotional merchandise. We aim to show that this is simply not the case.”

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