Why Saying Thank You Is Still One Of The Most Powerful Benefits Of Using Branded Gifts

As the season of goodwill is upon us, many brands are wondering what to send to their customers this Christmas. If a company wants to avoid getting lost in the mass of corporate Christmas cards (or worse still: eCards), they should use this end-of-year opportunity to go a step further and say thank you in a creative way.

The digital world of social media means that word of mouth is a must-have strategy for every business. All year, companies do everything they can to control how their brand is perceived across these channels, spending millions on social media campaigns, but a good old-fashioned, tangible Thank You can have an equally strong impact.

Branded Gifts Go Hand in Hand with Social Media

This is where the merchandise industry can really build on its non-digital power. Branded gifts are real – unlike so much of marketing these days. In a predominantly virtual environment, merchandise makes a refreshing change and can capture the attention of its recipient long after an email or promotional video.

The smart brands build on the advantages of all the channels, using merchandise in the real world to generate great word of mouth in the online world. Receiving a personalised, branded thank you gift at Christmas is likely to generate great social shares, especially on the visual social platforms such as Instagram.

Get Creative at Christmas

Branded gifts allow you to be creative with how you say thank you. The more creative you can be, the higher the likelihood your gesture will be remembered and mentioned on social media. You will need to think bigger than gimmicks to stand out above the noise, though. Quality is key, and this is important for both the packaging and the contents of your corporate Christmas gift. Presentation is essential if you want to make the right impression with your recipients.

Customer delight should be at the forefront of what you do, and there’s no better time to do this than at Christmas when the Western world is most receptive to the delights of the holiday season. Think about what you can add to the Christmas festivities when choosing your branded gift.

2016: The Year of the Branded Brussel’s Sprout!

Consider the reaction your gift will have both on the recipient and those around them – their work colleagues, friends and family. Whether chocolate Brussel’s Sprouts are your thing, or not, one thing they will do is generate a giggle in the office or around the table at Christmas, which will put your brand in the limelight for far longer than a branded Christmas card.

For the more conservative brands and campaigns, consider some delicious shortbread biscuits in a keepsake, branded Christmas tin as a way to say thank you to your customers.

Saying thank you is one of the sweetest things your customers will hear so consider confectionery as your gift. From gold coins and chocolate snowflakes, or the family favourite Quality Street or traditional mince pies in a branded sharing tin, there’s nothing that says thank you quite like some sweet treats.

The Sweet People (formerly Liquid Lens) are leaders in the field of gourmet products and packaging for branded gifts. To find out more, visit their website or speak to one of their advisors for more ideas on how to say thank you this Christmas.

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