The Saga of the Silent Soldier

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products recently put up a commemorative soldier outside their offices to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. The cut-out silhouette of the WW1 serviceman was created by the Royal British Legion to remember the brave men and women of our armed forces and what they sacrificed for our freedom.

Staff members named the Silent Soldier ‘George’ and were extremely proud of him and what he represented.

Unfortunately, just a few days later, George was stolen. HR Manager Grace Mitchell sprang into action, contacting the police and local media. The story of the missing soldier was covered on Eagle Radio, a local newspaper, a local TV channel and even BBC News.

Members of staff from both The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products also took to social media in a campaign to track down the soldier who was absent without leave. The activity attracted the attention of Keith Bean from Historic Aldershot who heroically set up a Just Giving page to raise funds for a replacement. Generous members of the public donated, many in memory of family members who had fought in the war, and over £2,100 was raised. This was enough to buy Silent Soldiers for several sites, including a nearby park and local schools.

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products were delighted to receive a replacement soldier. Mick Mills from Aldershot British Legion met with Grace Mitchell and Jo Cheesman to present the new recruit.

But the saga of the Silent Soldier still had one more twist in the tale. A local taxi driver found the original soldier dumped nearby. George was returned home but had clearly seen frontline action and sported several war wounds.

Now the Silent Soldier is back standing proudly on display, this time welded in place with CCTV trained on him.

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products would like to thank everyone who was involved in bringing George home and to those who helped raise money for the British Legion to fund more commemorative soldiers.

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