Russell Branded – but hits back on website

Comedian Russell Brand has again been in the headlines with a national newspaper accusing the millionaire comedian of selling branded sweat tops produced in Bangladesh as being screen printed and produced in the UK.

The investigation by the Mail on Sunday reported that the Stanley and Stella sweatshirts on Brand’s “The Trews” online merchandise shop, which are on sale from £60 each, had labels sewn into the product revealing their Bangladeshi origins.

The issue highlights again concerns over product labelling regulations which have been the focus of much criticism both in the UK and in other EU marketplaces.

Further questions were raised about the level of charitable donations on the products, which have a minimum price tag of £60. The website states that all net profits on products are donated to various charities and that any profits over the £60 minimum payment amount will be donated.

The promotional merchandise industry has become very wary of subcontinent production of textiles and clothing following a series of widely reported tragedies and loss of life in recent years with much more attention now being paid to corporate social responsibility and transparency of the production process from inception to delivery. 

Writing on his website, Brand commented: “We found out that a couple of the sizes of sweatshirts we offer may not have been sourced in the ethical way we thought. Madly, the Daily Mail brought this to our attention (snidely). We’ve responded to ‘em and ironed out a few of their attempts to **** stir. We’ve got shot of the manufacturer….”

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