Rugby World Cup pride for Touch of Ginger

Medals handed out at the end of the Rugby World Cup were the result of months of development in secret by design company Touch of Ginger.

They were briefed to produce three different sets of medals: for the World Cup finalists and winners of the third and fourth place play-off; for the remaining 17 teams; and for the helpers.

Touch of Ginger director Adam Cash said: “The helpers’ gifts are for everyone involved in helping to put together what is a huge logistical challenge, so they have something to say thank you to them.”

“The participants’ medals are for everyone involved in all the teams. Then there is the main event: the finalists’ gold, silver and bronze versions.”

Fellow director Gary Moore said: “We know that the medals had to be of a certain size and shape and scale. That is key in meeting specific requirements, but then the creative bit is where we like to think that we’ve come in with something really rather special. It’s about producing something unique.”

The medals were machined to within a fraction of a millimetre from a solid piece of material using techniques more usually associated with aerospace and Formula 1.

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